Among other objectives, 627 Stomp has enshrined within its core mission the desire to shine a light on the enduring legacy of Kansas City jazz through the medium of dance. In simple terms, there are few ways to engage so directly with this history, outside of being a musician or having lived through its prime during the early twentieth century. The city presently has a passionate, growing community of swing dancers who do their best to continually learn and refine their skills, whether through attending social dances on Fridays, attending lessons or traveling for workshops in other cities. 627 Stomp is proud of the diversity to be found in these individuals, spanning beginners and experts, young and elderly, and various economic backgrounds. It is particularly for those coming from more disadvantaged financial circumstances that 627 Stomp is creating its first dedicated fund: our Dancer Endowment. We are seeking to set aside money to reach an initial goal of $3,000 to support at least three underprivileged and/or financially-strapped individuals for the express purposes of furthering their desires to learn vernacular jazz dancing in the Kansas City metro area, and the region as applicable. Potential beneficiaries shall either nominate themselves, or be nominated by a third-party; upon selection, each recipient will be granted up to $1,000 for one year to apply to the pursuit of classes, workshops, seminars, and other related opportunities that will advance their skills and understanding of the dance. A signed statement by a potential applicant or third-party, on behalf of an applicant, will be sufficient as a nomination. Upon confirming the intent to file, applicants will need to fill out a brief application, and submit a six-month “snap-shot” of personal finances and resources. The organization’s directors will then analyze the application and evidence, and select the three who display the most objective need. Should you wish to donate, and make an impact on the Kansas City community, please click the button below. We wholeheartedly appreciate your involvement.