Code of Conduct

All who associate with 627 Stomp, regardless of level of involvement, are considered members, if not family. As such, all should be treated with a due level of respect. In light of this, those who associate with 627 Stomp must adhere to the following:

  1. This environment is for everyone, regardless of, but not limited to: gender/gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion, or political views. Violation of boundaries or harassing behavior will not be tolerated in any respect.
  2. Take ownership of your actions, both on and off the dance floor. Mistakes will happen, and it is important to be sincere in apologizing and being amenable to an offended party. Let your partner or the individual know that something caused discomfort, or alert staff, if necessary.
  3. Communicate verbally, where applicable, when asking for a dance. Likewise, be respectful of an individual’s choice to decline a dance, regardless of reason. You can reject a dance for any reason, and should not feel obligated to dance with a person for any reason.
  4. On the social dance floor, there may be many individuals who are dancing for the first time, or are still learning. Be aware of differing skill levels, and go the extra mile to be encouraging to a dance partner. Know your skillset and what you can or cannot accomplish. Outside of staged performances or exhibitions, please refrain from attempting aerials or otherwise risky moves, or attempting to socially lead such moves. Maintain spatial awareness if there are others dancing around you, and apologize if you accidentally bump or inappropriately touch someone.

627 Stomp reserves the right to notify venue staff to take an action deemed necessary to enforce these policies. Anyone in violation of this code could be subject to verbal warning, be asked to leave the event (without a refund, if applicable), and/or referred to law enforcement official.

627 Stomp Values

As an organization, it is a point of pride that 627 Stomp continues the tradition of inclusiveness that pervades the American institution of jazz – as a musical format, and as vernacular dance. A form of expression originally created and innovated by African Americans during decades of segregation, it ultimately established a diverse community in which mutual respect, admiration, and personal growth abounded between performer and dancer, citizen and citizen. This remains the rule, rather than the exception, in the present day. 627 Stomp strives to nurture an environment of constant fun, learning, and camaraderie; at any venue hosting our events, please feel welcome to leave cares behind and be yourself. ​