Swing DJ Workshop

DJ Workshop Nov18

While an enjoyable swing night can be created by catching a few good dances, what can really make one memorable is the care placed into the music that brings people out on the dance floor. A swing DJ is the glue that can hold an event together: properly navigating their library all but assures that dancers remain engaged throughout the evening and eagerly await returning the week after.

627 Stomp is currently soliciting interested individuals who want to learn the ropes of playing music for the Kansas City dance community. To that end, a workshop will be held on November 18 by John Boasi, also known as DJ NY, to best bring out the innate talents to maximize your music collection. Attendees will be guided through the process of creating and organizing a library, developing an intimate knowledge of your music to curate song selections, assembling a preparatory playlist for an evening, crowd reading and improvisation during a set, developing a “toolbox” of software and hardware to enhance your professionalism, and finally, getting in touch with and meeting your inner DJ identity.