Swing 2 - Lindy Hop

Int LH Nov18

Join Amanda and Geoff as we explore the exciting and rhythmical world of Lindy Hop!

Week 1: Playing with 6 and 8 Count moves

Week 2: Improving your Rhythm

Week 3: Adding Some Mad Variations

Week 4: Big Bad Variations

Swing 2: You’ve taken at least 6 months of classes, covering all of the Swing 1 curricula and you can now confidently lead or follow it on the social floor, heck, you are even able to mix them all together! You now want to learn a bit more, really dance to the music and have some fun, maybe whilst impressing your partner?

At this stage you’ll be expected to know swingouts, 6 & 8 count basic patterns, basic partnered Charleston, and a couple of Jazz routines, especially the Shim Sham (but standing at the back and copying is totally acceptable)!