Learn Lindy Hop in a Day

lindy in a day

Always fancied trying Lindy Hop, but never had the time to go to any weekly classes? Really want to get stuck in and get a good sense of what swing dancing is all about?

Sign up for our Day Hopper! Whether you want to come by yourself (as a follow or leader, non-gender specific) or sign up as a balanced Lead/Follow couple with your friend or partner, you are welcome to attend. This day workshop is ideal for people who have never danced or have had a couple of east coast swing lessons. Dancers who already know how to lindy hop are welcome to attend to brush up on their basics.

Instructors: Amanda Bernice, Warren Cheung, Eileen Richling, Oscar Hampton, Samantha Copeland, and Mark McOsker

The Schedule:

1:30pm Welcome with Coffee and tea. A chance to unwind and meet your teachers and the other students of the day.

1:40-2:30pm - Count Basie: Countin’ the Basics

2:30-3:25pm - Bennie Moten: Moving with Motion

3:25-3:30pm - Break

3:30-4:30pm Joe Turner: Turnin’ and Grovin’